Honqiao Aeria

Turn your Seder into a learning experience with Rabbi Shalom and Dina Greenberg.

Enjoy the Seder, step by step, reading (sometimes in Hebrew and sometimes in English) and singing. A gourmet Pesach dinner will be served, followed by Grace, Hallel, and a lot of singing.

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Ohel Rachel 

Celebrate the Seder in the historic Ohel Rachel synagogue.

The Seder will be instructed in English, and Haggadah recitation and songs will be in Hebrew and English

Instructors:  Rabbi Shlomo and Anael  Aouizerat

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Celebrate a 5 star Seder in the upscale Kerry Hotel in Pudong, with Rabbi Avraham and Nechamie Greenberg.

The Seder is is instructed in english and Hebrew, and is very friendly and easy to follow. It's integrated with insights and creative activities, that will keep you involved and entertained.

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